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Artikel-Nr.:  A3091
FIB-MIC-400-D - Bild 1
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Fiber Optic Video Desktop Microskop 400x inkl. 12" LED Monitor Our Fiber Optic Video Microscope is your natural choice for fast-paced production environments where ease of use and fast, accurate inspections are a necessity. This Fiber Optic Video Microscope provides you with a high-resolution look at the endface of most standard fiber optic connectors, through a 400X magnifications.
The Fiber Optic Video Microscope has a sleek housing that rests securely on your workbench. The included 4 video cable gives you the flexibility to place the 12 LCD monitor (also included) wherever it is convenient. The optics and internal components of the Fiber Optic Video Microscope are designed to be rugged and reliable, with no user-serviceable parts. This ensures that the Fiber Optic Video Microscope will provide you with years of trouble-free service. 220V
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